Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Wednesday 25th March : Lazer!

Hello Lucites!

Do you like that? Lucite is my word for fans of Lucy. I'm so cool.

So last night I went to Laser quest and Aidan (@AidanParr) didn't come. How Ruuuuuude!

Anyway I was DJ in the car there and I was playing some tunes. Click, Click Click. Fresh click.

Keira and Matt trapped me in a corner which was fun. And Lee did a lot of dancing. Then we had McDonalds.

Right I am off to learn stuff about weasels and hope you lovely Lucites like my blog and tweet it and yeah.

Did I mention my favourite podcast has a live episode? Off the Radar is broadcasting LIVE on Sunday night from 8/9pm-ish with Radar Live : Watching Wrestlemania 2015
I don't like WWE or greasy men but I think Aidan is funny and Matt is cool and Lee isn't. It will be on


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